My Simple Sections

In the world of WordPress themes many come with advanced sections for Frequently Asked Questions, Portfolios and others. These are really handy items to have, but what if that is the only deciding factor for choosing the theme you have chosen?

The goal of My Simple will be to allow you these advanced options without the need to chose a specific theme. Bundled together in a single plugin, the current offerings include:

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Board Members (for non-profits)

Other additions will be added over time. It is my hope that this will grow into a collection of items you can use on any website you own, as well as for your clients.

Why Bundle them together?

The reason for bundling these items together is that this allows me to build a shareable core set of files. This will reduce any bloat caused by making them individual plugins.

What if I don’t need ____?

Not a problem at all. When you first activate the plugin, the only item activated is the core set of files and the settings page. The settings page is there to allow you to “activate” each individual component. This Modular design allows for the addition of other modules right inside the core plugin.