My Cafe Dish

Sure there are several different restaurant menu plugins for WordPress and we will even give you the names. Some are free and some are not. The one thing they all have in common out of the box is they work exactly as the developer intended, not how you need them to work.

This is the one big thing which helps to set apart my restaurant menu system, MyCafeDish. I call it a system, not a plugin or theme, simply because it is a system. It is a custom designed restaurant menu for your restaurant. We use your restaurant menu, to mold the base system to work the way your items are setup. We custom code a menu layout that will work with your existing menu.

Why use MyCafeDish over another plugin?

I’d suspect that most restaurant menu plugins are created first for the developer or a client, then packaged into a plugin which is given away or sold to other needing a similar setup. This is exactly how I had planned to release MyCafeDish. Charge a few bucks and allow people to use the system the way I designed it for a particular customer. However, as someone who has eaten at many different restaurants, I knew that not 2 menus are layed out the same. Putting aside the two-column, three-column, and even artwork, some menu items might have only a base price, while some will have what I like to call “options”. You know, so much for a small, medium or large and no I’m not just talking about fastfood menus or even beverages. What about soups? You can have a cup or a bowl. These are all factors which get built into each and every restaurant menu we build using MyCafeDish.

So just what is MyCafeDish anyways?

As I’ve stated previously, MyCafeDish is not a WordPress plugin or even a theme. It is a system, which utilizes a really nice Plugin called Advanced Custom Fields to build the backend for entering the menu items. In addition, changes to the functions.php file of a theme to allow for registering both custom post types as well as custom taxonomy to give us the menu system within the WordPress dashboard. Couple this with a custom page template for your restaurant, which gives the menu pages on your site their look and feel.

Can I see some samples?

To protect our clients and their websites, we do not provide links to live examples of MyCafeDish. However, we have put together a sample menu and provide several layout designs for you to have a look at.