Why We Use WordPress

We are an open source company! Relying on open source software allows us to pass the savings on to you, our clients and WordPress is no exception.

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Why Use WordPress?

Here are 5 really good reasons your company should be using WordPress.

1) Open Source

There are many terms to describe just what WordPress is. Open Source is a good one, we think. Released under the GNU Public License version 2, WordPress allows you to see the underlying code. This means you can make your site look and feel the way you want it. Let us not forget that WordPress is actively maintained by an entire community of developers and testers.

2) Flexible

WordPress was originally designed for blogs, allowing for the creation of blog posts. This has been extended to allow for creating of pages (static posts) and so much more. We can help you set things up the way you want! There are literally thousands of themes available as well.

2) Scalable

Thanks to the addition of plugins, you can add various items to your WordPress site. Need a contact form? There are plugins for that. Newsletter, better security, search engine optimization? There are plugins for those too.

4) Extendable

WordPress offers themes and plugins. We’ve read that above. Did you know that there is much more you can do to WordPress? As an example, there is a feature which can be added to a site to allow for custom post types. We used this on an attorneys site to allow for a custom listing of case results.

5) Manageable

With all of these really cool features, we saved the very best for last. You can add, edit, or even delete the content on your site yourself. Or create a user account and allow someone else to assist you. Gone are the days of having to call a web designer to change content on your web site.

Need training? We provide training materials through our sister site, OS4me.