Web Site: Every Business Needs One

Your business should not choose whether or not to have a web site. A web site is a must for any business. That seems likes a rather bold statement to make, especially for a Web Developer. Whether you use my services or choose another developer is irrelevant. Your business should not rely on social media platforms as home base for your business. Social media should be a platform to interact with clients or prospective clients.

Why A Web Site?

While social media sites are inviting, a site should be home base. Every social media site your business is on should encourage potential clients to your site. And in return, your site should encourage clients to connect with you on the various platforms your business uses. Whether you choose WordPress and working with me or another solution, you are losing business without a site.

Bare Minimum of A Site

The absolute bare minimum items your site should contain are:

  • Home Page: Where you talk to the client, not at them.
  • About Page: Inform the client about you and your business.
  • Contact Page: Phone, Email (or contact form), Address and directions (if a physical business)

Free Site Need Assessment

Request your business’s free site need assessment. Absolutely no string and zero upsell.

Free Web Site Need Assessment

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