New Website Launched

The upcoming My Simple Theme is nearly complete, so I decided to push it on for use here on Michael Mann Web Design. Kicking the tires, I found a few areas where some work could go into improving things. Development is nearly complete and this site will serve as a model site for what is possible with the first theme to be released to the public by me. Enjoy!

Start a Blog Hosting Company Using WordPress: Providing Valuable Themes

So you have located a suitable hosting company, setup WordPress and even installed some plugins. You have your site ready and wish to offer blog hosting to customers. But wait, do you have enough usable themes for your potential customers? There are literally thousands of themes available for WordPress, so we will look at a few way to decide upon a set of themes to offer your customers.

Provide Blog Value

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Doing Web Design Work

I have been designing web site for clients for over 10 years now and I have developed an outline of items to go through with each and every client. These are five items I believe essential to assist the client with their web site from start to finish and beyond.

Decisions, Decisions.

Enable WordPress Category Images

Out of the box, WordPress does not enable images to be used for post categories. This can be enabled through the use of the Category Images II plugin.