About Michael

Michael Mann, Owner
Michael Mann, Owner

Since my humble beginning in August 1998, I have worked to stay true to three core values: courteous, compassionate, and considerate. After all, I am a service-based, client-centered company.

Client Centered Service

I strive to see each and every person as a client, rather than a customer. To me, a customer is a one time purchaser, or someone who shops with you merely out of convenience or price. A client, on the other hand, is someone who interacts with you based on a relationship. While many businesses want to get to know your money, I would much rather get to know you.


It’s cheaper to keep a current client. Whether you are a new client or have been working with me for years, all clients are treated equally. I will work with you to design a package that works for you and your clients, within your budget.


Each client is treated as a member of my family. Compassion and support are the building blocks of Michael Mann Web Design. I am compassionate about assisting you, even after final payment is received. A full feature of support options are available to all: a help center, e-mail, and even phone support.


Consistency in price, support, and quality of service. I strive to maintain consistency throughout your entire experience with me. I Work to provide you with quality services, while keeping costs down for all parties involved.

Michael Mann, Owner