About Michael

Michael Mann

Since August 1998, I have worked to stay true to three core values: courteous, compassionate, and considerate. After all, I am a service-based, client-centered company. And absolutely zero outsourcing!

Client Centered Service

I strive to see each and every person as a client, rather than a customer. To me, a customer is a one time purchaser, or someone who shops with you merely out of convenience or price. A client, on the other hand, is someone who interacts with you based on a relationship. While many businesses want to get to know your money, I would much rather get to know you.


It’s cheaper to keep a current client. Whether you are a new client or have been working with me for years, all clients are treated equally. I will work with you to design a package that works for you and your clients, within your budget.


Each client is treated as a member of my family. Compassion and support are the building blocks of Michael Mann Web Design. I am compassionate about assisting you, even after final payment is received. A full feature of support options are available to all: a help center, e-mail, and even phone support.


Consistency in price, support, and quality of service. I strive to maintain consistency throughout your entire experience with me. I Work to provide you with quality services, while keeping costs down for all parties involved.

No Outsourcing.

Your web site is important to you and I understand this. I maintain a 100% in-house policy. This means your site will be designed by me. I personally design each and every web site. And with 18 years of experience, designing/developing sites for large and small businesses around the globe, you are in capable hands with Michael Mann Web Design.

Michael Mann, Owner

Open Source Advantage

Michael Mann Web Design uses 100% Open Source software. As an open source Web Designer, I use the following open source software (in addition to running Ubuntu, a linux-based Operating System):

Communication through Michael Mann Web Design is also handled through Open Source software:

I also test sites under closed source Web browsers such as Google Chrome and offer communication abilities through closed source channels like Skype and Zoom, an online meeting platform.