Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Web Site

Every Web professional can provide you with a list of reasons for your business to have a Web site, including their own personal reasons. Below is what I think are five (5) extremely useful reasons to have a Web site and a healthy Web presence.

1) Connect with Customers

Sure, you could use social media platforms and should, as part of a complete means of connecting with customers. However, nothing should be used as a replacement for a Web site.

2) Notify Customers of Sales / Customer Only Coupons

Sales & Coupons

Imagine you are going to have a sale next week and would like to notify your customers of the upcoming sale. You can use an email list alone, but unless you ask each customer for their email address, how can you contact them effectively and efficiently? Using a Web site and a crafted email collection process, you can reach out to your customers. And a customer only coupon just might get those thinking of coming by, to actually stop by and purchase something.

3) Notify Customers of New Products or Services

Along with notifying customers of upcoming sales, imagine being able to let customers know about new products or services. Sure, you could use social media networks like Facebook, but unless your customers are connected through Social Media, you could be losing out on potential connections. This is where sending customer to your site for contact information is valuable. And while you are at it, entice customers to give you their contact information by offering them something.

4) Single Source of Information

Whether you are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or elsewhere, a web site give you a single location to send customers. A Web site can be useful as a home base, funneling those from various social media sites to your home.

5) Connect Customers with Social Sources

Just as you funnel customers from your various social media sites to your business web site, you can allow your Web site to serve as a means of funneling customers to your various social platforms. For example, you can run a promotion through your site for posting product photos on Instagram, using a crafted hashtag or for sharing something through Facebook.

Wrap Up

So, as you can see, a Web site can be used as a hub for those interested in supporting you and your business. Gone are the days of not having a web site. Over 60% of all web traffic comes from organic search. Are customers able to find you?