Explore Rosamond

Custom-built, WordPress-based Business Directory for Rosamond, CA. Explore Rosamond offers a place for listing of businesses located within the boundaries of Rosamond. An opportunity to leave feedback regarding local business is provided, along with a weather and news page and local gas prices. Custom WordPress theme and custom created logo of the boundaries of Rosamond, CA. Custom WordPress work developed for use in the Admin area. Business directory is all hand crafted and not plugin driven.

Library for Parents

Provided coding assistance for this WordPress powered website for Romania.
Mann Mobile Services

Michael Mann Mobile Services

Rosamond Notary is for my personal notary business in Rosamond, CA. No one had registered this domain, so as a side project I set out to use it an SEO example. Below are my results:
  • Within 3 hours from the time of purchasing the domain rosamondnotary.com and completing a single page site and submitted it to Google, the site was ranked #7 for the keyphrase Rosamond Notary.
  • Within 11 days from the date of purchase, the site reached the coveted #1 spot for Rosamond Notary on Google, Yahoo and Bing. It remains there to this day.
Other Search Engine Rankings
  • Rosamond Mobile Notary (#1 on Google, Yahoo and Bing)
  • Mojave Mobile Notary (#12 on Google, #15 on Yahoo, #5 on Bing)
Open Source 4 Me - Rosamond, CA


Personal pet project to spread the word of Open Source Software, what is, what it has to offer and resources to groups and companies around the globe. Formerly Los Angeles Open Source. Search Engine Rankings: LibreOffice Training: #2 (Google), #5 (Yahoo), #6 (Bing) Open Source Training: #120 (Google), #8 (Yahoo), #9 (Bing) Open Source Training Materials: #35 (Google), #16 (Yahoo), #18 (Bing)
Rail Nation Guide

Rail Nation Guide

Web site designed for a player's game guide originally designed for my personal use. The site had exploded to serve over 300 daily visits and attained search engine ranks for the following terms (prior to closing the site):
  • rail nation - #3 on Google & Yahoo; #4 on Bing
  • rail nation guide - #1 on Google, Yahoo & Bing
  • rail nation game guide - #1 on Google, Yahoo & Bing
  • rail Nation players game guide - #1 on Google, Yahoo & Bing
  • strategy guide for rail nation - #1 on Google, Yahoo & Bing
Savvy Shelly Concierge - Miami, FL

Savvy Shelly Concierge

Provided Savvy Shelly with a WordPress site using a purchased theme, heavily modified to suit the client. Search Engine optimization services were provided as well.