Rail Nation Guide

Rail Nation Guide

Web site designed for a player's game guide originally designed for my personal use. The site had exploded to serve over 300 daily visits and attained search engine ranks for the following terms (prior to closing the site):
  • rail nation - #3 on Google & Yahoo; #4 on Bing
  • rail nation guide - #1 on Google, Yahoo & Bing
  • rail nation game guide - #1 on Google, Yahoo & Bing
  • rail Nation players game guide - #1 on Google, Yahoo & Bing
  • strategy guide for rail nation - #1 on Google, Yahoo & Bing
Savvy Shelly Concierge - Miami, FL

Savvy Shelly Concierge

Provided Savvy Shelly with a WordPress site using a purchased theme, heavily modified to suit the client. Search Engine optimization services were provided as well.
Stan Lee's Kids Universe

Stan Lee’s Kids Universe

It was a pleasure to work on a Stan Lee branded site under Frog on Top, a Web Design Studio I subcontract my work under. The site was previously designed under WordPress, so the site was redesigned to show case the work over there. Social icons were custom designed to match the rocket ship in the logo as well.
New Code of Motherhood

The New Code of Motherhood

Assisted with a child theme and several custom page options for the image slider being used on the site, as well as an option to hide the page/post title integrated right in with the child theme.
Unlimited Copy Services - Los Angeles, CA

Unlimited Copy Services

Unlimited Copy Services needed an easy to update web site and WordPress made sense to the client. A custom design was created for the client, using client provided business logo.